Spring 2012  

Economia, The Journal of the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association

Editors' Summary

1. China's Emergence in the World Economy and Business Cycles in Latin America, by Ambrogio Cesa-Bianchi, M. Hashem Pesaran, Alessandro Rebucci and TengTeng Xu. Comment by: Roberto Chang

2. Price Setting in Retailing: The Case of Uruguay, by Fernando Borraz and Leandro Zipitría. Comment by: Francisco Gallego

3. Adapting Natural Resource Intensive Enterprises under Global Warming in Latin America, by S. Niggol Seo. Comment by: Subhra Battacharjee

4. Evaluating the Impact of Participation in the Brazilian Public School Mathematical Olympiad on Math Scores in Students' Standarized Tests, by Roberta Loboda Biondi, Ligia Vasconcellos and Naercio Aquino de Menezes-Filho. Comment by: Julian P. Cristia