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 Text Box: “Multilateralism is the only sustainable way to secure our global future.
[…] What the world needs today is a reaffirmation of this choice of multilateralism over unilateralism, of stability over uncertainty, consensus over conflict, and rules over power.  Trade liberalization is a powerful ally of sustainable development. Given that trade barriers harm the poorest, removing trade barriers helps alleviate poverty.  But while trade offers one solution, for sustainable development to work, we will also need solutions in other areas, and we need these solutions now and not in some hypothetical future. Finding solutions begins with recognizing that shared problems cannot be solved by unilateral approaches. […] 
A strengthened multilateral trading system is in the interest of every country.”

Text Box: ·   Market Access 
·   Regionalism
·   Services 
·   SPS/TBT 
·   Textiles and Clothing 
·   Trade Facilitation 
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